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Mauro Picotto
Essential Mix (2007-07-01)
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Essential Mix (2007-07-01)
Agnes ‘Wildlife Institute 2’ (Resopal Red)
Paul Kalkbrenner ‘Altes Kamuffel’ (BPitch Control)
Mauro Picotto ‘Contaminato’ (Alchemy)
Troy Pierce ‘Horse Nation Amended’ (M-Nus)
Soylent Green ‘La Forza Del Destino’ (Playhouse)
Tom Mangan ‘Mysterious Ex Teacher’ (Souvenir)
Polder ‘Strange Ways’ (Intacto Records)
Audion ‘I Gave You Away’ (Spectral Sound)
Gabry Fasano ‘Time Blender’ (White Label)
Mauro Picotto ‘Acid Sex’ (Alchemy)
Gabry Fasano ‘Square Circles’ (White Label)
Unknown Artist ‘Loco Motion (Riccardo Ferri Mix)’ (White Label)
Adam Beyer ‘Relapse’ (White Label)
Minilogue ‘Elephant’s Parade’ (Wagon Repair)
Maetrik ‘Sexus’ (Regular)
Gregor Tresher ‘A Thousand Nights’ (Great Stuff Recordings)
Audion ‘Noiser’ (Spectral Sound)
Wink ‘Thick As Thieves’ (Poker Flat)
Rolletor ‘Markantonio’ (White Label)
Mauro Picotto ‘Evribadi’ (
Walk Music ‘Henrik Schwarz’ (Moodmusic)
Mekong Delta ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
Ferri Papini Athos ‘Tricuspide’ (Alchemy)
Chris Carrier ‘Rambling House’ (Kill Brique)
Mauro Picotto ‘Maybe Maybe Not’ (

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